NLP Foundation:

This intensive 1‐day course will give you an amazing and life‐changing first experience of the performance psychology of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP). NLP forms the basis of most forms of transformational coaching today and is a mixture of methodology and quantum physics. Its an art as well as a psychological science. Performance experts describe it as the ultimate performance psychology since you can almost change or recondition anything in the human mind to create  changes in the way people think,  feel and behave and as a consequence, transform their results in life. 

Here are a just few reasons why people like you choose to attend this event:

  • Simply to find out more about NLP once and for all after hearing so much about it!
  • People trying to choose an NLP Training Provider and are keen to meet us before making a decision
  • Business manager interested to see what they could apply at work to increase performance
  • Coaches looking to add something to their current coaching model for additional impact
  • Sales professionals interested in picking up some powerful yet simple techniques to increase sales
  • People looking to increase the quality of their relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • Presenters and people involved in public speaking, in order to increase confidence and rapport
  • Anyone interested in gaining a certification which supports their career and CV credentials
  • Purely for self gain! Through self awareness, self development and self application!

NLP gives you a range of tools to do just that. Our 1-day NLP Foundation Skills course is packed with tips, tools and techniques that work to create subtle and yet effective changes to the way that you communicate both with yourself and the outside world.

The important thing is to activate the knowledge and insight gained.  The course will incorporate exercises for each part of the process, and participants will be encouraged to discuss and generate ideas with action plans to take the new skills back into their family and working environment. You will learn the fundamentals of NLP in class and small group practice sessions, for use in personal growth, business development, coaching, and life training.



Become a certified NLP Practitioner with our Power Transformation course

The NLP Practitioner Coach Training Programme is an 4 day course studied over 2 blocks of 2 days On completion of the course the successful participant will have the  necessary skills  to practice and implement NLP for Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Health Coaching, and Performance Coaching.  Upon successfully meeting course requirements certification includes two certificates, an Approved certificate from the IANLPC and one from the NLP Centre of Excellence.

The course is certified through the IANLPC - International Association of NLP Coaches, ensuring your course meets the highest standards possible.

Think how your life will change when you choose to be an NLP Practitioner Coach and have powerful skills that can be used to help yourself excel in every area of your life. Help others make changes and 

overcome barriers to their personal development, and help people realize their full potential in business, sport and their personal life.

What You Will Learn On The Course:

The Key Beliefs and Building Blocks that NLP is built around
Powerful, positive, empowering beliefs that will change your life forever.
The communication model that allows you to view situations as they really are.
Learn how to become a master communicator and get the outcomes you want.

Goals - The Principles of Achieving Success
How to set compelling goals and make sure that you do achieve them.
How to help others to do the same.

Rapport – The Secret of How to Influence & Build Trust.
Learn the facts about body language and how to read people
Learn how to use your voice tone and tempo to gain rapport, even on the phone. 
How to eloquently disagree with others and yet keep rapport.

Representational systems - Using all Five Senses to Engage Others
Find out how we code our experience of the world internally
Use transformational language to increase your ability to communicate with others.
Learn how to tell how someone is thinking just by watching their eye movements

Sub-modalities - Making Your Brain Really Work for You
Learn how to change unwanted habits, beliefs and feelings, including the desire for certain foods.
Learn how to change the meaning you place on certain things and events.
Learn how to permanently remove any unwanted fears and phobias

Language Patterns - Being Totally Focused with Words.
Learn how to use presuppositions to make maximum impact on someone's experience.
Learn how to listen effectively to others everyday language to see how they limit themselves.
Learn how to ask problem solving questions.
Challenge other peoples' objections easily and gracefully.
Learn the linguistic secrets of the great Master of Hypnosis Milton Erickson.

Anchoring – How to Feel Great in an Instant!
Learn how to control your feelings and get into a positive resourceful state anytime, anywhere.
Learn how to help others from being stuck to being resourceful in just minutes.

NLP – Modelling Excellence
Learn how to model excellence from others that have excelled in their chosen field. Through out the course you will have the chance to model several different influential people and learn the mental strategies that these people use to be the best at what they do. During this module you will learn the powerful processes that founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler used when they began their modelling work, and you will learn how to transfer these powerful modelling skills to your everyday life.

Perceptual Positions - Achieve Better Results by Seeing Things from a Different Perspective.
Learn how to resolve personal and group conflicts quickly and easily.
Gain fundamental insights about other people’s points of view, to aid decision-making and leadership.
Learn powerful tools and techniques to help you to become your own best adviser.

Strategies & Techniques - How do we do what we do?
Find out the processes of how others make decisions.
Learn how to formulate your sales technique to suit other peoples' buying strategy.
Find out how to spot weaknesses in other peoples' strategies and learn how to help improve them

Neurological Levels – The key elements to personal and organizational success.
Learn how to align your identity, values, beliefs, capabilities, behaviours and environment to produce a powerful compelling recipe for ultimate success in all areas of your life.

Parts Integration – The key elements to personal congruency.
Eradicate unwanted habits and negative emotions
Learn how to enhance your personal congruence and increase your energy levels through resolving internal conflict.

Time Line Re-Patterning. 
Learn how to improve how you relate to time.
Release past negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, hurt and sadness quickly and effortlessly.
Eradicate old limiting beliefs that hold you back such as "I'm not good enough to do it", "I can't have the life I want or lots of money and a great relationship"
Discover how to use your own Time Line to get what you want out of life.
Learn how to help others to do the same

Hypnotherapy skills.
Discover how to induce trances.
Learn how to use trance like states for deep relaxation.
Discover the power of suggestion and how to use it effectively.
Putting all your NLP skills together.
Learn how to structure a powerful NLP session
Build confidence through practice group sessions and live demonstrations.
This academically recognised and fully accredited course will help you to get better results faster whether in business coaching sport or simply your personal life.


NLP Master  Practitioner:

The 8 Days Ultimate NLP Master Practitioner Course

Available to Practitioners of NLP only, the 8 day Licensed NLP Master Practitioner will take your NLP skills to the next level and beyond. During this life changing 8 days you will learn how to become a true master of NLP. The 

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner is all about building on the principles learned during the Practitioner course, learning more and using them in a highly skilful and creative way.

What You Will Learn On The Course:


  • Rapport - Learn advanced Rapport building techniques.
  • Beliefs - Learn how to change limiting beliefs conversationally. Learn how a person's beliefs fit together into a system and how you can use this to achieve greater levels of productivity and happiness. Learn Sleight of Mouth patterns.
  • Advanced Use of Anchors - Learn to use anchors in a sequence in order to achieve more elegant and powerful change. Master conversation anchors: - Influence people unconsciously using spatial anchors.
  • Advanced Use of Meta Programs - Learn more meta program distinctions and how you can utilise them in your communication. Learn how different meta programs work together and how this is important when predicting how someone will act and behave.
  • Advanced Use of Meta Model - Learn how to use the Meta Model with precision and ease.
  • Advanced Use of the Milton Model - Master Milton Erickson's use of hypnotic language. 
  • Advanced Use of Sub Modalities - Master the fine distinctions of your own and other people's internal world in order to create a happier, healthier and more productive life.
  • Metaphors - Learn how to use Isomorphic and Homomorphism Metaphors to create change and learning in others.
  • Values - Learn how to elicit values and use them to create a sense of fulfilment for yourself and others. Learn how to change your values and assist others to do likewise.
  • Hypnotic Phenomenon - Learn how to create hypnotic phenomenon such as time distortion, negative and positive hallucinations with ease.
  • Unconscious Set-ups - Learn how to influence someone covertly with the use of unconscious set-ups. Find out how you can make any NLP Technique more powerful using set-ups.
  • Modelling - Learn how to carry out an advanced modelling project. Learn various different ways to model excellence.